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A spiritual non-profit organization with a Canadian charter. Its purpose is to educate and raise the human consciousness that we are a Spiritual Energy Being having a temporally  earthy adventure and that we create our own happiness or unhappiness through the choices that we make as we obey or disobey the Universal Laws of Life.

Spirituality is NOT  a religion. It has no creeds, dogmas or rituals. It is a philosophical way of living as we deepen our understanding on ”who we are; where we come from and why we are here”. As we change our way of thinking we  also change our life. Our human self and the soul self are One Identity. We are the soul self experiencing lower dimensions of life existence. When we keep ourselves at a mature level we express the heart of the soul. When we choose to express immaturity we are demeaning our true identity and integrity by the misuse of our soul abilities and potentials. Our physical life becomes a reflection of our thoughts, intentions, words, actions and reactions which is the energy power within us to create and live the life of our ”choice” as we create our own happiness or unhappiness which is the result of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. 


To re-awaken the human mind to Soul Living Awareness


–  To promote and spread awareness of healthy and happy living through the quality of one’s own personal spiritual awareness.

–   To help individuals of all faiths find harmony by facing and learning from their personal experiences and educate them to learn on how they can use their potentials and abilities for personal healing and evolution.

–   To help individuals to rediscover their true identity, potentials and abilities as we deepen our understanding with Self-Awareness, Self-Knowingness and Self-Realization which is our authentic spiritual self.

–   To organize and conduct courses, classes, workshops and seminars in order to encourage living in self-awareness for personal and constructive living: spiritually, intellectually and physically.

–  That we are personally responsible for the creation of our own reality through every thought, word and deed.

–  Healing is achieved through the acts of Unconditional LOVE from the Divine Within

–  To carry on charitable work.

The sages, prophets and mystics throughout time have taught that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. We all seek health, happiness and wealth. We all want to love and be loved. We all want to give our best and become successful. Being enlighten is not about theory or knowledge it’s about living our wisdom and keeping our spiritual identity as we go through each experience that is to teach us what our personality (ego) has not come to learn. When our human self merges with our Soul self we become beings of Divine Light and Consciousness. When we are able to forgive we give up the negative thoughts, because we have learned to let go and let LOVE guide our human journey. We move away from feelings of stress, angry and sadness to a feeling of compassion, love and peace which is the healing process of unconditional love. The Law of Attraction is what we sow we reap.

Each individual Soul is a universe within the universe. It has its own unique Truth and Reality and that through each human experience lies the opportunity to recall our true self. Our individualized mission is to return to God-Realization as our Creator created us in His image and likeness. Our human experiences teaches us about ourselves the (human ego personality) on how we stand with our spiritual self.

When we walk and talk the path we become our own conscious Soul Self. Our questions are no longer based on how we can change others or the world it’s on ”how can I change myself”.

We are here to re-discover what we already know!